Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Why am I here

When I finished school I was very excited to get accepted to Sydney University. I enrolled into Agricultural Science based on advice from a friend. I had no idea what agriculture actually meant. As part of the degree we went to visit farms to see how the things we learnt in theory were applied on farm level.
During the degree I discovered the truth about modern farming practices such as the use of pesticides, artificial fertilisers and antibiotics. I leant with horror about the cruel animal husbandry practices. I tested food products to check fibre content in cereals, mercury content in fish and bacterial counts in milk. I changed my diet after 1st year of my degree to avoid animal products. I no longer wanted to contribute to the animal suffering and ruin my health with the high concentration of pesticides and antibiotics present in meat and dairy. As a result my health improved dramatically and I started to research nutrition. I started to link all the knowledge about the way our food is produced to our health. I taught my family and friends about what I have learnt with the aim that they can protect themselves against diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease which are primarily caused by the foods we eat.
By 4th year of my degree I decided to do a research project in environmental microbiology with the attempt to try and clean up the environmental waste caused by current agricultural practices. I continued research in the agriculture/environment sector in my PhD project after which I went to the US to continue research
I was disheartened to see that solutions to environmental problems are not being applied and the destructive practices continue being used. But even more shocking is the fact most research especially medical research is focused on masking symptoms with drugs rather then prevention of disease. New drugs make money but prevention of disease would ruin pharmaceutical companies. There is a fantastic body of knowledge as a result of some research for example the cause of cancer and its prevention was shown by Otto Warburg in 1931 who received the Nobel Prize for his findings. Strangely enough cancer research is now one the most profitable industries in the world. Most research findings are not available to the general public, so I have decided to move away from primary research in the laboratory and instead use the already published knowledge and share it with the community. I have dedicated over 10 years now studying the effects of the foods we eat on our health. I have been gathering data from various sources to get a full picture of how our dietary choices lead to either health or disease. I want to teach people how foods affect us on a cellular, physiological, biochemical and neurological levels.
In the Perfect Food for Perfect Health course I will explain how our evolution, anatomy, physiology, psychology and biochemistry require us to eat specific foods. I will shown you how deviating from our nutritional requirements leads to disease. The principles of disease formation are very simple and so is the reversal of disease. The body is an amazing machine which has resilience and endurance. When it becomes unbalanced disease starts to form but the symptoms may not be evident until years later. Heart attack is a primary example, it happens suddenly and unexpectedly but is a result of many years of overconsumption of particular foods. Cancer is another example, most people don’t even know they have it, by chance they find out when having a check up for something else. This is why it is essential to learn how we cause our own diseases through the food we consume and our life style choices. Many of us only start trying to cure ourselves once we are already very ill. Even if you think you are perfectly healthy at least have the knowledge on how to prevent or reverse a disease before potential symptoms will not allow you to comfortably live your life. Animals in the wild do not have diseases such as cancer, hear attack and diabetes, in fact people in certain countries do not have our diseases either. They also do not have access to processed foods in the supermarket and do not use intensive agricultural practices. These are some of the driving forces behind disease.
My aim is to reveal the hidden facts about the foods we eat, like the magic numbers you read on the packaging of your food and how they affect your health. I teach people about how to get rid of food addictions by eating delicious natural foods, how to loose or gain weight by naturally wanting to exercise once the natural diet is restored. Most of all my teaching give access to knowledge powerful enough to heal disease and reduce the ecological foot print so that others can enjoy the environment for generations to come. My mission is simply to pass on the knowledge not readily available to the general public to reduce suffering in this world.

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